Music & Downloads

A.O.T.P / Big Wispr Radio Mixes

Big Wispr Radio is just a free mix I put out that kind of evolved from a previous run of free mixes I put out called A.O.T.P Radio (All Over The Place Radio).  Big Wispr Radio are mixes that had a theme / concept or an overall point to them, from the lyrics to the interludes beginning to end.

A.O.T.P Radio Ep. 1 –

A.O.T.P. Radio Ep. 2-

A.O.T.P Radio Ep. 3-

Big Wispr Radio #004- L-O-V-E Mix

Big Wispr Radio Ep.  #006 – As Pop As It Gets

Big Wispr Radio Ep. #007 – Bad Day / Fuck The World Mix

Big Wispr Radio Ep.  #009 – The Rainy Day Mix

Various Project & Mixes

– Memorex Memories ( Old School Hip Hop Mix) –

– Andre Nickatina / Fine Frenzy Blend –

– Random Mix of Dance & 80’s Music –

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