Booking Info


Hometown – Umatilla Indian Reservation near Pendleton, Oregon

Gear – 2 Turntables & Mixer – Serato & Traktor Scratch Pro 2

Music – Blend Various Genres Including:
Hip Hop, Classic Rock, Rock, Disco, Dance, Funk
Focused & Catered To Your Event / Party

Experience In Mobile DJ – Club DJ – Event DJ – Host & MC Duties
Extensive Experience DJ’ing Weddings & Receptions 

Offer Package 1Just Audio – Best for BBQ – Outside Events –
Speaking Events – Small Day Events

Package 2Full Sound & Lighting – Dance Lighting – Hosting Duties – Best For Weddings / Birthdays / School Dances / Evening Events

Flat Rates – Do Not Charge By The Hour – Deals For Smaller Gatherings

 Gas Expense Included If Driving More Than 1 Hour

Please complete the following form to request information on a booking and I will reply to your request as soon as possible

Thank You

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