Back Up In It

What up world, my websites been down for about a month.  Don’t get it twisted, I paid my bill but something went wrong on the IT side of things and had to wait for things to happen to renew my domain.  But I’m back online and getting it going again.  I’m going through pictures and will be uploading some more pics and videos in the works right now.  Check back for updates and also New Mixtape in the works, well it’s been in the works for a long time I’m just actually getting back to it.  Life comes at ya fast yo…check back for updates!! and thanks for checking my site out, I appreciate the support

Birthday Party & Upcoming Spring / Summer Projects

I want to thank everyone who came out for my Birthday Bash at Crabbys, I had an amazing night and I didn’t even get wasted. I did what I wanted to, I DJ’ed with 2 of the best DJ’s in this area and rocked the party all night. Now with that party in the bag, the process of self promotion is back in full effect. I am working on hosting a party like that every month this summer, and also looking to put up a mix of music every week for free download just to get back to having my mixes all over iPods everywhere. I thank everyone for the support, DJ Flip and DJ Ruff Cut for coming through and cuttin it up all night and showing Pendleton how you really rock a party. Check back for updates and I’ll hopefully see ya at the next one…peace and respect

Round Up

Pendleton Round Up is almost here (Sept. 14th – 17th, 2011)…check me out selling CD’s walking around town, this year I’m working on 2 CD’s for sale. Aaaaaaand also find me at the Block Party in front of Bohemian Boutique that we do every year, also in works I might DJ at Cadillac Jacks maaybe on Thursday…peace out….