– DJ Big Wispr –

Heiro Show Photo

Preferred method of DJ’ing – 2 Turntables and a Mixer but open to Controllers,
CD-J’s and Media Players

Well rounded knowledge of Music Genres. Entertain people with a wide variety such as:
– Hip Hop
– Dance
– Country
– Classics / Oldies
– Motown
– R&B
– Rock & Metal
– Whatever the party calls for actually…

Worked as an Opening DJ for many Hip Hop shows. Worked with Afroman, Ras Kass, The Architect, Heiroglyphics and Del the Funky Homosapien, Timex Social Club, Lil Debbie, Potluck, Demrick, Idlemine and Rick Threat, Planet Asia, Devin The Dude, Mad B 10th Wonder, Wigonomix, Riff Raff, Sam La Chow, Gifted Gab, Nacho Picasso, Problem, Karma, C Ray, Firing Squad, Ill Manner’d, Shao Sosa, Alaska Redd, Avatar Darko, and many other various artists and up and coming opening acts at various Hip Hop Shows. ( I honestly cannot remember them all )

Experience Hosting various events. Hip Hop Shows, Rock Concerts, Community Events, Charity Fundraisers, TV / Radio Shows and Events with Live Broadcasts, Interviewing Artists & Public Figures.

Diverse in just Musical Entertainment or Engaging Crowd and building audience up for performers.

Open to traveling for various shows & bookings. Experience working in Night Clubs, Bars, Events both Large and Small, Indoor & Outdoor. Experience DJ’ing Weddings, have worked over 190 weddings both Ceremony and Receptions. I’ll rock whatever you give me.

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